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DO YOU KNOW, that  clothing production is causing huge environmental damage? The share of the garment industry in CO2 emissions is higher than all international flights and maritime shipping combined!


ECONYL® regenerated nylon is a product of Aquafil, a global leader in the synthetic fibres industry and a pioneer in quality, innovation and sustainability.

The ECONYL® Regeneration System starts with rescuing waste otherwise polluting the Earth, like fishing nets, fabric scraps, carpet flooring and industrial plastic all over the world. That waste is then sorted and cleaned to recover all of the nylon possible. Through a radical regeneration and purification process, the nylon waste is recycled right back to its original purity. 

Regenerated nylon is processed into carpet yarn and textile yarn for the fashion and interior industries.

ECONYL® can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.. That means you can create new products and buy new products without having to use new resources.

Since 2020, Love Pam brand has been creating its swimwear collections made from Italian supplex of new generation -  ECONYL®



"To make this world a better place, you've got to start with yourself" ♥